Long Time Gone…

Take Vacations

As I feared (and as evidenced by the length of time since my last post), it has proven somewhat difficult to balance graduate school, travel, and blogging.  Since something had to give, blogging ended up on the chopping block…much to my dismay.  I have continued to travel and have several more trips on the string; writing about them, however, has been harder to balance with my academic and research workload.  That said, I hope to do better than I have recently (that won’t take much effort) and post a bit more often.  I have added a couple of countries to my “Been There” list—The Netherlands and Monaco—and have also visited new cities in countries I had previously explored—Aachen, Barssel, Bremen, Cologne, and Wiesmoor (Germany); Nice and Marseille (France); and Rome (Italy).  I have traveled fairly extensively within the United States as well, returning to previously covered territory as well as breaking new ground.  I am particularly focused on the country’s National Parks at this time and have plans to visit several more this summer.  As always, my bucket list and travel dreams far exceed my budget, energy, and time but, for now, I will keep traveling whenever the opportunity arises!


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