America’s Friendliest Cities, Part 1

As a native Southerner and passionate devotee of the American South, I wasn’t at all surprised to discover that eight of the Top Ten Friendliest Cities in America (according to a recent survey by Conde Nast Traveler) are located—you guessed it—in the South! I have visited all eight cities and each has unique and interesting qualities that make it a judicious travel choice. I have decided to elaborate on my “Top 6” this week…just couldn’t narrow it down to five! I will reflect on my time spent in each city; share my personal impressions and insights; and make a few recommendations regarding what to do and see, where to eat and stay, and why each city is a wise destination choice. Here is a list of my six favorites and their rankings, by number, on the CNT survey list…

  • #8 – Nashville, Tennessee…

Nashville, Tennessee


  • #6 – Fort Worth, Texas…

Fort Worth, Texas


  • #5 – New Orleans, Louisiana…

New Orleans, Louisiana


  • #3 – San Antonio, Texas…

San Antonio, Texas


  • #2 – Savannah, Georgia…

Savannah, Georgia


  • #1 (and my personal favorite) – Charleston, South Carolina…

Charleston, South Carolina


The remaining Southern cities that made the Top Ten are Key West, Florida (tied for #8) and Asheville, North Carolina (#10).

Stay tuned…


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