Rue Cler…Paris’ Famous Market Street

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I was excited to discover Rue Cler right around the corner from our hotel in the 7th arrondissement! We arrived in Paris right at lunch time so decided to check out the cafes along this inviting market street. The smooth cobblestones, wrought iron balconies, and window boxes overflowing with brightly colored flowers provided the perfect backdrop for a midday stroll. Generally speaking, Rue Cler is limited to pedestrian traffic which makes it all the more appealing. Our schedule did not allow for the leisurely perusal of the patisseries, chocolatiers, fromageries, delicatessens, and other shops that I wished for, but we did grab a bite to eat at Cafe du Marche’, situated on the corner of Rue du champ du Mars and Rue Cler. I did not know at the time that this cafe is one of the most popular in the area…we chose it simply for its aesthetic appeal (it is the cutest sidewalk cafe with red chairs and delightful awnings) and because the food looked good! Daily specials were written on large chalkboards. Since our French is a bit rusty—code for nonexistent—we made an educated guess and ended up with a couple of delicious entrees. I couldn’t tell you the actual names of the dishes, but I had vegetarian quiche and a green salad while my niece had what appeared to be the French version of a Cobb salad. Our waitress was attentive and we managed to communicate even though she spoke not a word of English and we speak no French. Apparently gratuity is not customary—at least there was no space to add it on to the check—so I handed it to her in person. Those cultural differences can be a bit tricky, but the American in me insists that I tip for good service. After a full afternoon and evening of sightseeing, we returned to Rue Cler for supper and you know the old saying: When in Paris, eat Chinese. Okay, so that’s not exactly how it goes…but I gave my niece free choice and she chose Chinese. It was decent, and best of all…the service was quick and we were able to zip back to the hotel and fall into bed before heading out for another busy day of sightseeing!

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