Charming Boutique Hotel in Central Paris…

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Finding good accommodations is a high priority for me when traveling—whether here in the U. S. or abroad. I want to stay somewhere safe, comfortable, and within walking distance of major attractions, whenever possible. The first thing I usually do is check out the top-rated hotels on TripAdvisor and read customer reviews. I also put out the word to my friends and ask for personal recommendations. While planning my trip to Paris, a friend suggested that I consider a boutique hotel where she had stayed previously and loved it. I followed her advice and reserved a room at Hotel de la Motte Picquet. It was a wonderful experience. The hotel is centrally located in the 7th arrondissement and is within walking distance of most everything I wanted to see. (This was crucial since I had only a day and a half and would be sightseeing on foot.) I was traveling with my niece and requested a room for us with two single beds and a bathroom with a tub and shower—which is exactly what we were given. The cost was reasonable; I pre-paid online before our arrival so as to have one less thing to worry about. Our room was clean, comfortable, and quiet—if a bit small…but it is Paris! It was equipped with a wall-mounted television as well as a small refrigerator (which was stocked with drinks each day). Our window opened onto Rue Cler, one of the best market streets in Paris. The hotel has charm and character from its pink-trimmed hallways and banisters to the tiny basement dining area where a buffet breakfast is served daily.  The elevator is miniscule!  We are not light packers, so got quite a charge out of cramming ourselves and two rather large suitcases into the elevator. We backed up as far as possible against the wall and just did manage to get the doors shut! Henri, the desk attendant, was more than helpful! Each time we set out, he produced a map and marked out the best route to our destination. He was friendly and cordial at all times.  (The other desk attendant was not so much so, but we saw little of him.) There is an ATM machine very close to the hotel entrance (a few feet away on the same wall), which was super convenient!  Also, right around the corner on Rue Cler is a Post Office. If—rather, when—I return to Paris, I intend to stay at the Hotel de la Motte Picquet again. Highly recommend…


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