Amazing Views of the World From Above…

If your desire to explore the globe—like mine—far exceeds your immediate funding capabilities, I might have hit on just the antidote for your in-between-excursions blues!  WorldfromaboveHD is a phenomenal YouTube channel that I happened to stumble across recently—apparently it has been out there for about ten years, unbeknownst to me.  It provides almost limitless travel opportunities—virtual, that is—with a simple click of the mouse!  Today I watched a video segment on Ireland and another covering Italy—each about half an hour in length.  The videos are filmed from ABOVE cities and countrysides around the world utilizing a high-definition, helicopter-mounted aerial camera to capture AMAZING footage. The Italy tour that I viewed began in Verona, then moved to Venice and Padua, ending in Vicenza.  Having visited Venice before, I was particularly fascinated by this view of the city which afforded me an entirely different perspective from that obtained on land or by water.  In addition to the stunning panoramic shots and up-close views of various points of interest, these full-length virtual experiences provide commentary covering the geographic, historic, and architectural significance of each location.  There are also shorter videos available—categorized by theme, place, or uploading popularity.  The majority of these are accompanied by music rather than commentary.  You can even subscribe at to have a brief video of the “Place of the Day” emailed directly to you for thirty days.  Aerial footage covers segments of the United States, as well as many countries abroad.  It is my hope that this project will continue to grow and provide even more outstanding glimpses into the world around us!

Below is a sample clip…”Spain From Above”


Visit WorldfromaboveHD at:  This site offers a truly fascinating bird’s-eye view of the world, and is one that I feel certain travel aficionados everywhere will appreciate and enjoy.  I know I do!

Happy virtual travels, Friends!


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