Time off to travel…

It was never my intention to neglect this blog for so long.  My plan was to take the summer off…travel, do some reading, put my pool to good use…and hit it again in the fall.  Somehow a short break morphed into a seven-month hiatus and now here we are—almost one full month into a new year!  The old adage that “time flies” may be clichéd, but it is true, nonetheless!

During my absence, I happily marked several items off of my bucket list.  In June, I traveled with my husband to lovely Natchez, Mississippi where we spent several days touring plantation homes and the historic district before traveling up the Natchez Trace Parkway as far as French Camp in northern Mississippi.  In August, I crossed the pond and spent two weeks exploring France (Paris), Ireland (Dublin and County Wicklow), and England (London and Bath) with my niece.  All three countries were new territory for me, and it was a thrilling experience!  I only wish I could have stayed longer and seen more!!  September found me traveling three thousand-plus miles, hitting twelve states along the eastern side of the United States.  I look forward to sharing those experiences in future posts—the good, the bad, and the ugly.  (Mostly, good—thankfully!)  In addition to traveling whenever possible, I have returned to graduate school. Thus, I will not be posting daily…but, in future, will make every effort to do so more frequently than every seven months!  🙂

I will close with a glimpse of Bath, England (Empire Hotel) on a rainy afternoon…


Jane Austen’s Bath…



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